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Mystical Hands of Shiva Attunement: Higher Healing of Lord Shiva, Clean Spaces




Founder Hari Winarso


Levels: 1



Symbol: Yes


Accredited Reseller For Over 14 Years!
As the original accredited reseller since 2010 we proudly guarantee the authenticity and integrity of the energy transmitted by Master Hari to Cosmic Goddess Empowerments students. This assurance is paramount in light of the widespread unauthorized distribution of copyrighted materials, including counterfeit copies, unauthorized translations, and materials plagiarized from our webstore. Our unwavering commitment to upholding the purity and integrity of the energy teachings ensures that students receive genuine and potent transmissions directly from the source, as presented to you in the Cosmic Goddess Empowerments offerings! θυμός του θεού προς τους κλέφτες, غضب الله على اللصوص, Mânia divină asupra hoților, ira divina ai ladri, ira divina aos ladrões, goddelijke toorn voor dieven, colère divine aux voleurs, hırsızlara ilahi gazap



Cosmic Goddess Empowerments students who love working with Lord Shiva with appreciate the Mystical Hands of Shiva because it obviously has a strong connection with Shiva and this attunement focuses on the higher healing energy of Lord Shiva.


Cosmic Goddess Empowerments students can utilize the Mystical Hands of Shiva to activate a powerful spiritual healing ability, so you will have an ability to help in efforts to heal forms of diseases and disease resulting from from black magick attacks, or supernatural attacks.


Cosmic Goddess Empowerments students will be able to utilize Mystical Hands of Shiva for long distance healing as well as hands-on healing sessions with the same results.


Cosmic Goddess Empowerments students are encouraged to clean negativities from environments,  radiate positive and harmonious vibrations and more you will find in the manual.


Includes English digital pdf manual sent electronically by link and distant attunement by orb of life method

Mystical Hands of Shiva Attunement: Higher Healing of Lord Shiva, Clean Spaces


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