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Happy happy Wednesday from rainy Ireland.  I'm so delighted I just completed the Hypothalamus Adjust and Balance attunement and excellent as always. The document is wonderful😚 I received the St. Anthony one prior and you put such work into them so thank you and the attunement was brilliant as always I felt my energy shift to calm, plus a flushing away of the past and negativity or negative thinking so thank you thank you 🥰😘😀 Lots of love and hugs and thank you again for everything you do, Lisa


Empowered Goddess Within 2020 is absolutely Amazing! ????? Hands down THE BEST attunement I've experienced. I don't know how you did it, you are a very talented woman/healer/shaman/priestess. xo, K


From Russia: Rosemary, hello! The energy of the "The High and Exalted Pain Release Anointing, with Extended Care Rays" works well. I did sessions for migraines, lower back, thoracic spine. When doing sessions on the lower bak and thoracic spine, it was 2 days exacerbation. Then the pain passed. Did different people. Thank you.


From China: Since you guided me how to help people achieve energy, my students and families benefit so much from it. Energies help to alleviate pain and other uncomfortable and annoying problems which doctors cannot deal with. What's more we experience the true peace of our heart. All in all, I and my students want to express our sincere gratitude to you again. LC


Over the course of one year, I have purchased a significant number of attunements from Rosemary Noel in whom I have developed absolute trust and confidence. Many of them are her own channeled healing modalities and those of Mariah Windsong. These have become some of my very favorites to use regularly and have helped me through very difficult times. Rosemary is 100% honest, sincere and has perhaps the widest and newest selection of attunements available today. She has worked timelessly to deliver to deliver a very large number of attunement in little to no time in addition to channeling a valuable, comprehensive, personalized attunement for me for a very debilitating condition very quickly. My emails to her are always answered speedily. It doesn't get better than this. With immense love, praise, gratitude and infinite Divine blessings for the wonderful service provided. LG

Rosemary Noel was absolutely instrumental in my pursuing and developing my healing practice. When I first tried her attunements and actually felt the energies I realized that sending energies distantly was entirely possible, not to discount the benefits I received from the attunements themselves. I believe the visions I received during my attunements where from Source, letting me know who I was and what track I needed to be on. Thank you Rosemary for all of your fantastic work! Namaste, Alex Borei

The energies and attunements I purchased are really great! Thank you so much! A friend of mine recommended the systems of Mariah Windsong and your site to me. And I can only say: "WOW" I am working with energies for years now, am a Reiki Master myself and I am personally attuned to over 50 energy systems from various international Reiki Masters. And I am working with really heavy Angel energies every day. And because of this I never thought that I have so many blockages in certain areas of my life. I just saw that certain things in my life went wrong in one or the other way. Yesterday I called down your Opulent Living attunement for example and there were literally hundreds of blockages breaking up and disappearing during the attunement. And more when I activated the energy for a self-treatment. I can feel energies very good and every time, when a blockage disappears it is as if a small bubble or balloon is bursting inside of me. I am looking forward to work intensely with these wonderful energies. With kind regards, Maren Degener

My partner was rushed to the emergency ward with terrible headaches, vomiting, double vision and later diagnosed with Sagittal Sinus Thrombosis ( blood clot above brain- he is only 36!!),on top of this the neurologists said that he had 60% chance of his eyesight ?improving? over 6 months ,he was so scared that he would go blind or stay cross-eyed contacted Rosemary when Michael had his first night in hospital and requested a healing for him, Rosemary was soooo amazing and I could see the difference that it had made ,during my visit the next morning the first thing he said was I feel really good this morning J I also received some healing from Rosemary which helped me to cope with everything. Four months have passed since and I can say that he has made a full recovery, his FULL sight came back after just one month, he is back in business and made some lifestyle changes, he is still on the Warfirin but he is doing really really well. Rosemary is an amazing healer and has such a big heart, I would not hesitate to recommend Cosmic Goddess to anyone that is in need of any type of healing. Much Love, 
Susan W - Australia

Rosemary, it is a big surprise!!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!' Rosemary, I want to say that your Yoni Healing and Allure Empowerments are very powerful!!! Sex with my husband is like we just married, my husband now wants a child)))))) and now I prepare for a new pregnancy! NS
Rosemary Rosemary Rosemary!!!! MIKE GOT THE JOB!!! We haven't stopped pinching ourselves. I am soooo happy to have met you. I thought it was taking too long to receive my attunement (which was due to circumstances and travel beyond my control) BUT, guess what???? The timing was absolutely perfect!!!! A Thousand Thanks for all of your kind and wonderfully generous help. If there is anything I can possibly do for you please do not ever hesitate to ask. I am indebted to you my friend. Love & Hugs, Linda

I just wanted to let you know that Depression Shakti / Depression Release was the most intense attunement I have ever received or at least on par with Ole G's Kundalini Reiki. I experienced immediate and very profound (and uncomfortable) clearing symptoms. When I attuned, I felt like multiple areas of stagnant, negative energy where being 'riled' up and began to feel nauseous. I really thought I was going to be sick! So much so that I had to take refuge in the shower. The next night, I worked with the energy again and had the same experience, only slightly less intense. I continued to call the energy in 1-2 a day. I now have no clearing symptoms and I feel great (or at the very least back to my old self). I now surmise that there is a much stronger physical connection with depression or perhaps it is a 'bridge' malady- i.e. body/mind. This energy did and is doing for me what my anti-depressant has not been doing for several months. I will now make it a point to seek out systems that YOU have founded. Powerful! I also must confess that I have lurked your webstore for over a year but have purchased attunements (more cheaply) through others. Now that I have transacted with you, I have to say that no one has been as organized and completely fulfilled the transaction like you (for example: no one has sent me certificates- mental note: REQUEST! LOL). That is not to say that they are not lovely people, etc. Your service level is amazing. I have learned to honor the 'worker' as I believe you give a great deal of added value. You are now my go-to Reiki provider. Thank you. NAMASTE!

Hello Rosemary and hope this finds you the best you can be. just wanted to update you that since you worked on Roxie (my aussie service dog and now new animal healer) she has had no other seizures at all! i can never thank you enough and so i'm going to be getting a few new attunements from you because i do thank you but mostly because I?ve had recent dreams of a few of them so that leaves me to believe I should gain the knowledge in those areas as well. :) again, thank you so much for what you provided to dear Roxie! ALZ

Rosemary: I did indeed receive the materials. I greatly appreciate it. I accepted the Lightworker Shaman last night. It was amazing. I also appreciate your guidance. It is a welcome change to receive from a teacher instead of a seller. It truly makes a difference. I am honored by the opportunity. Namaste, Kyle

Rosemary: Thank you so much for offering these attunements. I have been using a couple of them over the past two months and am learning so much about myself. They are definitely aiding in my healing so very old deep issues and scars, and I am so thankful to have found you. You are truly making a difference in my life :-) Sincerely

Hello Rosemary, you are so wonderful, kind, gentle and nurturing. My attunement for EC 1-6 was great as usual, I felt a goddess energy come down with a rainbow basket and adorn me with the necessary energy. Then she ascended from whence she came leaving a wonderful rainbow trail in her wake. Afterwards I saw a type of 4th of July explosion of colors. It was really amazing to feel the excitement! The energy of my aura rotated around me, my root chakra was stirred quite a bit too. I meditated a bit with the energy and requested a few stones to be place. An animated character appeared and served up the stones/crystal, placed them as requested. He danced merrily and asked if I wanted additional. I told him thanks but that is all for now, then it felt like he sat close to me in a cuddling type posture as if flirting with me. Soon after he opened a magickal door levitated through it and with a twinkle, disappeared someplace! A truly amazing experience Rosemary, and all thanks to
you. HUGE HUGS! Kent

Rosemary, Thank you so much for the beautiful course. The night before last, my Mother was complaining of pain running down her right arm from her elbow. I treated her for a good amount of time. She kept saying, "Your hands are so hot, your hands are so hot." And I told her that that was a good thing. Then she said that she could feel the pain trying to come out of her fingertips. It did. She is pain free. The pain has not come back. I know that you are just a conduit for the energy that you have passed on to me but I still thank you so much for not only changing my life but the lives of others. Once again...Thank you for the course! Namaste, Lisa

WHO ARE YOU, ROSEMARY ????????!!!!!!! I don't think words exist to describe my thank you for this wonderful experience. I will write you soon. Love, Eva


Dear Rosemary:

I finished taking the 3 levels of attunements yesterday. I have been reading the material and doing the exercises. I already start feeling a sense of vitality and wake-fullness. I am very impressed by this energy system and want to give you thanks for making it more available to people and to share it with the Master level included also. I took the course for the energy, health and vitality benefits but I am discovering it is so much more than that. Thank you and blessings, Carlos

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