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We are an online service provider of Reiki and Energy Attunements



Our founder is Rosemary Noel.  Explore the profound legacy of an 18th degree Accredited Reiki Master, Spiritual Elder, and Divine Feminine Energy and Esoteric Practitioner who has profoundly impacted the world of holistic healing. Her illustrious career, spanning over 45 years, began as a metaphysical diviner and crystal enthusiast.


Over the decades, Rosemary has evolved into a world-renowned energy channeler. You may have come across her crystal offerings or esoteric work on eBay in the early 2000s. 

Her passion for Reiki was ignited in 2004, and soon after, she launched one of the first online Reiki and Energy Healing web stores in 2005, offering accredited, high-quality Reiki and metaphysical services.


As a prolific creator, she has authored over 200 self-learning modules and trained Reiki Masters in more than 44 countries since 2005. Her approach to holistic healing is serving as a direct conduit for Source and divinity, enriching countless lives worldwide.  Due to unauthorized sale and translation  of her systems, Master Noel is upgrading ALL of her energies and NO longer supports the sale of her systems, eBooks or channelings by any anyone, with the exception of  her friends the Ekesvara Shiva Baba and Baba Naag Loki Shivanath and Vidvam Ananta no other. She asks that resellers remove her systems from her store due to the passing of counterfeit and unauthorized translations even if you received from her directly.

Now semi-retired, Crone Goddess Noel is able to expand her esoteric work and work one on one with her personal students for personalized attunements and sessions.  Master Noel's dedicated team continue to provide Reiki/Energy attunements and energy sessions and services distantly. They are eager to share their expertise and insights, inviting you to partake in a transformative experience that promises growth and enlightenment.



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