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Magickal Vessel Empowerment Attunement: Attract and Manifest



4 October 2017

Founder Hari Winarso


It is written in the manual that Magickal Vessel Empowerment was channeled to assist you to create your own reality. It has a high vibrational energy of the law of attraction that help you to manifest your dreams, goals, wishes. It assist you to manifest all beautiful things in your life, and your biggest passions will manifesting shortly.


Master Hari continues in the manual writing Magickal Vessel Empowerment creates a powerful magnetic field around you to attract windfalls, attract money, and financial blessings from all directions. It helps you to attract more and more abundance, and also always receive the wonderful gifts from the universe.


Magickal Vessel Empowerment energy system says Hari will help may make possible all good things will always come and manifested to you.


Included with purchase is English digital e-manual sent electroncially by link and distant orb of life/chi ball attunement

Magickal Vessel Empowerment Attunement: Attract and Manifest


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