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Abundance Creative Energy, digital PDF: Recharge, Psychic Protection, Vitality


Jalu Wasonoadi writes in his manual.......


"Abundance Creative Energy is an excellent energetic tool for recharging our energy levels, and it stimulates our mind to be more positive and self-assured. Abundance Creative Energy is very effective for encouraging vitality, sensuality and sexual energy. It may assist us to overcome sexual dysfunction and attract new love.


This beautiful energetic tool allows us to see our own strength and our creative potential from a heart based perspective. Its strong vibration energy radiates with intensity to projects energy and enthusiasm for life.


Abundance Creative Energy can be use as an energy protection to defend ourselves against psychic attack, from negative entities. It is also strong energetic tool that acts as a barrier against those who want to steal our energy, and it is a effective psychic protection energy system. When we need spiritual grounding, this energetic tool brings strong aids to connect us to the base chakra, then through to the earth chakra to allow excess high vibration spiritual energy to be released into the earth".


You'll receive 1 distant orb of life attunement attunement service & 1 digital PDF English translation manual delivered electronically by link

Abundance Creative Energy, digital PDF: Recharge, Psychic Protection, Vitality

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