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Titanium Aura Essence Attunement: Clear Tough Accumulated Negativities


Cosmic Goddess Empowerments is the original accredited reseller of Master Hari Winarso courses since 2010. We received energies purely, with integrity, and with perfection from our dear friend, Master Hari and we deliver to you via Eternal Sacred Source.


7 March 2019

Founder Hari Winarso

Levels 1


Our friend Master Hari brought forth Titanium Aura Essence for Cosmic Goddess Empowerments students because as Master Hari writes it has a great force for assistance in the removal of blockage energy from the chakras and to transmute negative energy away from the aura. Titanium Aura Essence writes Master Hari in his manual can assist in cleansing and purifying the accumulation of negative energies in our energetic systems and strengthen the aura radiance.  This essence has a positive effects to your physical body, strengthens the immune system, and boosting the vitality and helps to "kick out" the disease from the body. Titanium Aura Essence may also be useful for multidimensional healing.


Included with purchase is the original English digital manual sent electronically by link and distant orb of life attunement

Titanium Aura Essence Attunement: Clear Tough Accumulated Negativities


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