Cosmic Goddess Empowerments Terms of Service

With Your Purchase You Agree to Our Terms of Service

 Cosmic Goddess Empowerments is an online reiki and energy SERVICE PROVIDER and purveyor instructional manuals which are digital goods from author founders from around the world with belief systems not necessarily our own.   By making a purchase, you, alone are responsible for how you perceive information received in the Online Course Instructional e-manuals or e-book, only your soul decides what work will be done in your life. We do not provide medical services or diagnosis. We do not treat or heal anything.  Please ask questions before your purchase as all sales are final.

Now, in year 17 of our online presence we have discovered that our joy comes from teaching, coaching and sharing energies with students and those beginning in the energy and metaphysical realms.  Buy One Get One Free (BOGO) offering are for online registered members who are students.  Members not eligible for buy 1 get 1 free offering are members who are professionals such as Teachers, Resellers, Healers, Coaches, Energy Therapists and those providing attunements or sessions or using for commercial purposes.  

Please note that a majority of listings over the past few years are not Teacher eBook Manuals and many and most new systems have strict copyright guidelines such a content not being posted online.  We are a student member webstore; purchase does not always convey permissions to attune others or resale. 

New Member Purchase Limit

Purchase limit for the first 30 days may be exercised by Cosmic Goddess Empowerments.  First month purchases for new members members who are students is suggested at USD 125 for new members and 10 to 15 total online courses (including buy 1 get 1 free gifts) over a 45 day period.

If approved as a professional for  non BOGO purchasing, your limit is $500 every 90 days unless prior arrangements have been made and we will need disclosure from you how your purchases will be utilized as copyrighted material.  PDF's are prohibited from being posted anywhere online and most founders now, do not allow content posted nor services rendered using content in places such as Etsy, eBay, Facebook, Instagram, or any other platform or eCommerce.

Direct Payments:

Our policy is not to receive direct payments. Direct payments will be refunded.  Please use checkout or request an invoice.

Delivery and Delivery Time:

Most PDF'S are delivered by link within 24 hours of purchase.

Distant Attunement Service is for one student member and sent to one email address they cannot be split between multiple persons. Your digital INFORMATIONAL PDF manual, MP3 or eBook purchase is delivered by digital link typically within 24 hours of the time of purchase typically during the work week, Monday - Friday.  Please allow up to a 48-hour turnaround weekend and on holidays (which may include 4th of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years etc.  Your files are delivered as a link from  We do not deliver e-files by email attachment. File links are only delivered to the 1 e-mail address on file, from which payment was sent.  We do not accept second party payments on behalf of others. Digital PDF Online Course Manuals, mp3's or session reports are delivered by link to your registered email Paypal address provided to us by PayPal at time of purchase.  Some Lightarian system manuals are printed and sent via USPS Priority Mail within the United States and to some countries.

English Language Digital Instructional PDF's / Translations:

All digital files are in English unless stated otherwise in an individual listing. A purchase does not provide permission to make changes to the manual, translate, or use any content online ANYWHERE. Our authors do not permit translations and again a purchase of a licensed copyrighted system does not allow you to do so.  

Types of Systems:

  • Self Use/Personal Use is for your individual use only,
  • Practitioner Use is for your individual use and you may share energies with but not attune others,
  • Master/Master Teacher/Teacher systems allow you to attune others.
Most systems in 2022 forward do not allow you to attune others.

Attunement Service

 Attunements are delivered ONLY by orb of life / chi ball method.  Only Lightarian Systems are delivered by appointment. Those are the only real time appointments we offer.  There are no exceptions. 

Digital Certificates of Completion / Certificates of Lineage

  Effective May 2022, we became a Student Member store.  No digital or posted certificates of completion are provided with your purchase.

Distant Energy Sessions:

  Personalized distant energy sessions come with 1 e-informational sent electronically by a link delivered by Cosmic Goddess Empowerments. Sessions are only delivered by orb of life / chi ball service.  Your sessions are configured, and your e-information are delivered typically a minimum of 72 hours up to 5 days as sessions are provided on a first come first serve basis.


  If you have not received your digital file e-manuals, please check your spam file.  Individual files are delivered electronically by a link from a mail other than our main email, they are links are delivered via MAILBIGFILE.COM and please check the e-mail address you supplied at check out to be sure it is typed correctly.  If you cannot find file links after this, please send us a copy of your receipt and we will resend.

Resend of Links

You may request 1 resend within 90 days of purchase at no fee.  There will be a resend fee of USD 8 per file after 6 months of purchase.  After 1 year please repurchase your item.

In Closing 

By law we state all items are sold as curios. Cosmic Goddess Empowerments is a purveyor of digital goods from author founders from around the world.   By making a purchase, you, alone are responsible for how you perceive information received in the e-manuals or e-book offerings, which are offered and purchased by yourself only your soul decides what work will be done in your life. We do not provide medical services or diagnosis.  Please ask questions before your purchase as all sales are final.

Right of Refusal:

Right of Refusal may be exercised at any time by Cosmic Goddess Empowerments for any reason and refund given.