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Weight Loss Reiki Attunement:  A healing to the perceived appetite

Founder Rev Anna May


Statement to our students:

We are not defined by our weight.  Weight loss energies are about helping our students in improving health, to help with obesity and improving the difficult conditions associated with being overweight. 



  • Thanks so very much, I must say that this is really working!!!!
  • I'm really pleased with this!!! I'll get on the scale over the weekend, but I can honestly say that it's working. I'm really feeling a big difference, so I truly thank you!!!! Thanks & Mucho Gratitiude.
About Weight Loss Reiki:

This powerful system was channelled through loving angelic beings for the purpose of assisting those whose bodies require a very specific kind of healing; a healing to the perceived appetite.

This includes those who experience an increased appetite due to:

Physical conditions
Emotional issues
Side effects of medication
Bad habits
The techniques are simple to work with and combine to re-balance and harmonize the appetite specifically; and for those people where a problem with appetite has resulted in weight-gain, weight-loss may naturally occure with continued work with the simple 'prayer' techniques.

The course manual by Rev Anna May includes all of the information required to work with this system; to receive your attunement, and so on such as Quantum Physics, the power of the mind, metaphysics, prayer, vibrational medicine & philosophy, the energy body, complementary therapies, energy healing and how it all works!


Included with purchase is the original digital pdf delivered electronically by link and orb of life / chi ball attunement service




Weight Loss Reiki Attunement: A healing to the perceived appetite


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