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Vaginal Care Attunement(s): Internal Female Care

Vaginal Care Master & Personal Use, digital e-manuals by Mariah Windsong Couture


22 October 2015

Founder Mariah Windsong Couture

Prerequisite Reiki Master


About this system:

Vaginal Care specifically attends to the internal environment of a female’s feminine inner pathway. Emotional and hormonal changes can wreak havoc on our delicate inner tissues. If a woman is sexually active, there may be a need for “quick healing” if pressure upon her inner regions caused any tears in the lining. Vaginal Care energy system, when activated, will also assist to lift away the cellular memory imprint of bad experiences in that area of your body.


Energy functions are included to help increase vaginal moisture for those who suffer from inner region dryness. In addition, privilege to calling in an energy session by the Vaginal Care Team is provided after your attunement. This gives you access to receiving deeper healing, especially for those who need the imprint of unwanted touches of the past removed and more.


With purchase you will receive the 2 pdf digital electronically delivered e-manuals and 1 distant Master Teacher attunement by orb of life

Vaginal Care Attunement(s): Internal Female Care


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