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Exclusive: Universal Mother Healing Attunement: Nurturing Energy Emotional Clear



Founder: KP. Hari Andri Winarso Wartonagoro


Know the Origins of Your Systems: A Message to Our Members


At Cosmic Goddess Empowerments is a student member store (sign up on our home page) our students understand the origins of your systems and the teacher passing energy is essential for ensuring authenticity and integrity in your spiritual practices. This helps guarantee that you are accessing a genuine energy source, not a counterfeit or an unauthorized translation.


For the past 14+ years, Cosmic Goddess Empowerments has been the Accredited Teacher for Master Hari. Our students benefit from authentic energy transmissions received directly from the Source—Master Hari—and delivered to you as intended. By adhering to these practices, we ensure that you receive the full benefits of true energy transmissions, maintaining the highest standards of spiritual integrity.


About this offering:


Levels 1:


This unique creation is designed solely for personal and educational purposes. Students are welcome to activate for a loved one. It is NOT intended nor permitted for professional services such as resale by others. This wonderful eBook it is not structured as an online teaching or healing platform for dissemination by others through personal websites, blogs, social media, or by professionals, it is not offered for content use or resale.


About Universal Mother Healing:

If you see this elsewhere or in a language other than English it is counterfeit.


Cosmic Goddess Empowerments students harness the transformative Universal Mother Healing Practitioner energy, embracing its nurturing essence inherent in all things feminine and maternal. This connection allows them to channel and manifest healing energy, promoting well-being, love, and compassion. By aiding in overcoming grief and emotional wounds, this practice fosters a profound sense of support and love from the Universal Mother.




Included is the original English digital English only PDF manual delivered electronically by link and orb of life attunement service.



Exclusive: Universal Mother Healing Attunement: Nurturing Energy Emotional Clear


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