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Unda Reiki, 1-4, Attunements: Jesus/Sananda - Karmic & DNA Clearing Wave

Unda Reiki 1-4, digital pdf: Karma, DNA, Past Lives - Softly finds problematic places & fills them. This 4 level system must be a main selection not a free one


Founder Alla Sharkia

Levels 4 - Delivered 3 days apart with day 1 being the day after your attunement date

Symbols? Yes

Prerequisites? Yes, Kundalini Reiki and Usui Reiki to Pass to Others



From the all sons of heaven God has selected Jesus to reincarnate on Earth and to carry all negative karma of all humans due 2150 years before his birth. As Cosmic Goddess Empowerments student know, all this time he has protected us from consequences of our offences. And yet we, ourselves, are responsible for the redemption of karma sins. Jesus took upon himself and bore the sins of the world, so we can grow spiritually and have to suffer the burden. In fact, he delivered the people from punishment for the sins of the whole era. However, his charity is not exempt from the payment of a debt: it is only deferred.


Ascended Master Sananda, known also as Jesus Christ, told Cosmic Goddess Empowerments friend Alla Sharkia, the author,  in his message to her upon channeling that first time that this energy system was given to humans was after his crucifixion, to a monk from Galilee.

Unda, translated from Latin means - wave.  Cosmic Goddess Empowerment students find that indeed, like a wave, the energy of Reiki Unda smoothly and gently to find all problematic places your body at all levels, and fills them in their healing qualities.  Cosmic Goddess Empowerments finds that this is a very cleansing energy, helping Cosmic Goddess Empowerments students to get clean with Unda energy wave and help you to give all your problems to our teacher, Sananda.

  • After receiving first attunement Cosmic Goddess Empowements students can work on self-healing and in-touch healing with your patients.
  • After the second attunements Cosmic Goddess Empowerments studentswill be able to work by distance with symbol of this level.
  • The third attunement gives Cosmic Goddess Empowerments an additional option to work with following aspects with new 4 empowerments: Past Lives, Spiritual Enlightenment, DNA Repair, Karmic Connections/relations.


  •  After last attunement, which is the Master Teacher level, you will receive a master symbol and can attune others to this system.
  • Our friend Alla says 3 days are necessary between each attunement (we recommend even 7 days).



With purchase:

You will recieve 4 distance attunements via orb of life chi ball, there is a 3 day wait between levels with day one beginning the day after the attunement and digital pdf manual sent electroniclly by link


Unda Reiki, 1-4, Attunements: Jesus/Sananda - Karmic & DNA Clearing Wave

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