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Twin Care 2 Attunements + 2 PDF's: Are you missing a twin that passed?



6 April 2014

Founder Mariah Windsong Napieralski Couture


Levels 1: You will receive the Master Teacher Atttunement

Manuals 2:  You will receive both Personal Use and Master Manuals


Prerequisite: Please be a Reiki Master to meet the requirement of this Master system.


BOGO?  Teacher system is not included in BOGO offerings




Twin Care is designed to address various indications where individuals may feel a connection to a twin, whether physically or emotionally.


Some signs that Twin Care may be needed include:

  • Missing a twin who has passed away
  • Feeling like a twin, despite being the only one born
  • Releasing guilt if one's body absorbed a twin in utero
  • Longing for a relationship with a twin, whether sibling-like or not
  • Experiencing phantom physical aches and empathic symptoms linked to a twin's feelings


Even if individuals were not born with a twin in the same womb, Twin Care can still be beneficial. It acknowledges scenarios where one fetus absorbed the other or where a twin did not survive gestation. It also recognizes the possibility of having a twin in a past or alternate incarnation, fostering a sense of connection across different times and places.


Twin Care aims to support individuals in reconciling with their twin's absence or in healing any soul-level discord. It can provide solace and facilitate a sense of wholeness, even if the twin does not desire the same level of interaction.

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    Included with purchase:

    The original personal use AND the master digital e-manuals sent electronically and 1 distant attunement by chi ball call in method


    Twin Care 2 Attunements + 2 PDF's: Are you missing a twin that passed?


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