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Triple Warmer Meridian Care, 1&2 Attunement: Hypothalamus, Water Retention

Triple Warmer Meridian Care, levels 1-2 , digital PDF manual by Mariah Windsong: Hypothalamus Care, help in relaxing,


Founder: Mariah Windsong Couture


Levels 2

Triple Warmer Meridian Care contains a Triple Warmer Meridian Activation and a Triple Warmer Meridian Flush to help people manage the energy flow in this important meridian. Triple Warmer Meridian's flow affects your hypothalamus gland, which in turn affects the pituitary gland and production of thyroid stimulating hormone.

Water retention issues can be eased through regular use of Triple Warmer Meridian Care. We speak of triple warmer or triple burner, otherwise knows as the three tan tien energy centers because their action regulates nutritive and protective energy flow to various sections of your body and their organs.

Many teachings abound online and in classes about calming or sedating the Triple Warmer Meridian. The CARE Team has shown me that the energy needs to be balanced not sedated. Excess energy is useful to assist you to bring forth into your life all manner of blessings, opportunities and healthy relationships. Training in Triple Warmer Meridian Care level 2 in regards to generating and using the combined flow of the triple warmer's excess energy for manifesting what you want in your life."  The Triple Warmer Meridian runs from tips of the ring fingers and goes over the shoulders to the chest cavity. Here it splits as one branch goes down to the middle and lower sections of the body while the other branch goes to the ear and then circles the face, where it meets the Gall Bladder Meridian.


The Triple Warmer Meridian helps regulate water energy flow throughout your organs. When triple warmer meridian is balanced we feel safe and able to handle all life has to offer. We are able to break negative habit patterns and make change work for us. When Triple Warmer Meridian lacks enough energy a person is apathetic and depressed, with water retention or a stiff neck.


The Triple Warmer is responsible for the production of Protection Energy and Nutritive Energy. There are energy centers called upper, lower and middle warmers. The upper warmer is suppose to harmonize your heart & lungs, the middle harmozies the stomach & spleen and the lower harmonizes your kidney, bladder, liver, small intestines & colon.


Triple Warmer Meridian Care ™ level 1 attunement provides you with the energy functions to activate, balance this important meridian. There are simple, physical exercises described to help you redistribute energy running in your Triple Warmer Meridian. Your dna's interdimensional instructions are carried through your body by meridians. The flow increases and becomes available from the etheric to your physical body.


Triple Warmer Meridian Care level 2 attunes you to an energy function that will increase & harness the excess Triple Warmer Meridian Energy and assist with manifesting.


Included is digital English e-manual sent electronically by link and orb of life / chi ball distant attunement

Triple Warmer Meridian Care, 1&2 Attunement: Hypothalamus, Water Retention

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