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Trauma Healing Flush Original + Booster Attunement Bundle



Founder Hari Andri Winarso

Levels 2 - One for each system


About the Original Trauma Healing Flush:


Trauma Healing Flush aids Cosmic Goddess Empowerments students in alleviating traumas, guiding students towards fresh perspective. It facilitates the processing of traumatic memories, fostering a healthier outlook. Cosmic Goddess Empowerments students can integrate traumatic experiences with positive information stored in their memory networks. Additionally, Trauma Healing Flush soothes emotions, replacing pain with love, joy, and a sense of liberation.


Trauma Healing Flush - A Booster system:

Technically, there is no difference between Trauma Healing Flush and Trauma Healing Flush 2015, the difference is in the Trauma Healing Flush 2015, and the energy of the 2015 upgrade unfolds 100% greater than the original


You'll receive distant attunement service to both system by orb of life/chi ball and 1 English translation pdf manual with both systems delivered electronically

Trauma Healing Flush Original + Booster Attunement Bundle

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