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Transparency Reiki, digital PDF:  Lift veils, remove masks, be authentically you

Channelled by Alasdair Bothwell Gordon


Founder writes:

I wonder why some cultures find it hard even to be direct. Again, the British often find it particularly hard to be direct, to say what they want, what they think and what they feel. There is a well-held (but, I believe, mistaken) belief that other people will like us if we always give in to their preferences and defer to their opinions.Actually, this kind of passive behaviour can be very frustrating and annoying. One of the reasons people find it frustrating is that the passive and compliant person does not actually disclose anything of himself. Also, contrary to the stereotype, it is not just women who are passive.


About Transparency Reiki:

Transparency Reiki is a wonderful, beautiful energy. The purpose of this energy is to help open up ourselves to express ourselves honestly and authentically, to take off the "masks" that we wear in public all too often.

Practicing transparency means allowing others to see that you are human, that you have faults and weaknesses like everyone else.  This is a form of reiki that focuses on letting go of the perfectionism that stops so many people from achieving and moving forward in their lives and achieving their dreams.

There are four steps in this healing system

Step 1:  Seek the courage

Step 2:  Stop judging

Step 3: Lift the veil

Step 4:  Stimulate your aura

After this attunement a healing process takes place bringing new beginnings, hlping you to begin the process of reflection/realization, then release and in turn through this healing process taking place bring new beginnings.

Included is the original English digital e-manual PDF sent electronically by link and orb of life attunement service

Transparency Reiki, digital PDF: Lift veils, remove masks, be authentically you

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