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Ultimate Flu Care & Prevention Digital Attunement Package: No BOGO - 42 PDF's


  • Faciliator:  Rosemary Noel
  • Prerequisite 1: For Active 60+ Day Registered Student Members Only with previous attunements. Teachers/Healing Professionals/Coaches/Resellers are excluded from package offerings.
  • Prerequisite 2: Reiki Mastership is a prerequisite for some systems
  • BOGO?  No not included in buy 1 get 1 free.


  • Includes digital e-manuals sent electronically by link and attunements by orb of life chi ball delivered 3 a day until all are sent.



About this Winter Cold and Flu Care and Prevention Package:


The systems in this package energetically will assist you to strengthen the immune system to fight any viruses and/or infection that can cause illness and to prevent the spread of infection. In addition, some of these systems help with flu symptoms, lessening them  and more!


You will receive Orb of Life / Chi Ball Attunements and digital e-manuals/eBooks sent to one person and 1 email address. Orb of Life / Chi Balls are delivered 3 to 4 a day until completed but we only recommend 4 attunements week for best results.


There are no substitutions in packages, package is not included in buy 1 get 1 free offering


Systems Include:


1. Angelic Amber CGE-listing protected by copyscape online

2. Angelic Citrine

3. Aquamariane Waves of Bliss CGE

4. Brighid’s Healing Waters

5. Cells Grow Optimizer CGE

6. Clear Energetic Sphere

7. Clear Nature High CGE

8. Deep Purple Energy Flow

9. Dolphin Elixir CGE

10. Dual Lights

11. Energetic Medicine Treatment

12. Enchanted Tourmaline Essence CGE

13. Energy Regenerator Vortex

14. Ethereal Cedar Core CGE

15. Fresh Snow

16. Etheric Detoxification Flush

17. Golden Sun Star

18. Green Vortex Tetralogy

19. Healing Breath

20. Healing Elements Lightwork

21. Healing Flow CGE

22. Heavenly Air Essence

23. Healing Sun

24. High Immune System Essence

25. High Immunity Energetic Care CGE

26. Infection Inhibitor Field

27. Inflammation Reducer Energy

28. Interdimensional Medical Team CGE

29. Isis Blue Moon

30. Light Rain CGE

31. Lung Care

32. Medication By-Product Removal

33. Recovery Reiki

34. Sinus Care

35. Strong Healer Light CGE

36. Super Cells Youthful Care

37. Super Healing Pointer Energetic

38. Super Warm Bodies Energetic

39. Throat Chakra Light Care  protected by copyscape

40. Transformational Water Essence

41. Violet Flame 2017 pdf & mp3

42. Waterfall Healing      60;     protected by copyscape






Ultimate Flu Care & Prevention Digital Attunement Package: No BOGO - 42 PDF's

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