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The Lotus Energy LightWork, digital PDF: Kuan Yin and Master Buddha

Lotus Energy LightWork Reiki: The Lotus Energy LightWork Reiki system connects you to the Sacred Lotus Flower and is brought forth by Kuan Yin and Master Buddha.  Ascension Energies, Sacred Lotus Flower, Kuan Yin, Master Buddha, Healing Energy



Levels 1

Symbols 1

Founder Daelyn Wolf


About this system:

The energy of this system brings wisdom, harmony, compassion, purity, renewal, and good fortune as you walk the path of ascension. This is a loving energy of healing and enlightenment that also brings peace, calms anxieties, and enhances harmony.


This beautiful flowing energy of the Lotus is gentle and yet powerful just as the element water. The Lotus flower has 6 color representations with additional energies for each color.


Many say that the Lotus has eight petals which represents the eightfold path, but all lotus flowers I have ever seen have many petals which represents pure potential with no limitations. Kuan Yin and Buddha acknowledge this as truth.


Eightfold Path:


  • Right View—wisdom and compassion
  • Right Thought—we are what we think 
  • Right Speech—speak kind and helpful words 
  • Right Conduct—we are known by our actions
  • Right Livelihood—do not do work that harms others
  • Right Effort—always do your best and work with joy
  • Right Mind—always be aware of your thoughts, words, and deeds
  • Right Concentration—focus on one thing at a time 



With purchase you will receive: The original pdf English manual sent electronically by link and 1 distant attunement service by orb of life chi ball call in method

The Lotus Energy LightWork, digital PDF: Kuan Yin and Master Buddha


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