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Silver Flower, digital pdf by Hari Winarso

Silver Flower, digital pdf by Hari Winarso: Energy for soothing emotions, chakras, ward off psychic attack from your energy fields & muore

Silver Flower pdf & distant energy attunement. Read mroe at

Founder Hari Winarso

About this system:

Cosmic Goddess Empowermernts loved this energy system and found it to holds strong Divine feminine energy. Silver Flower would be helpful for our clients to integrate feminine, receptive energies into one's being, allowing one to be open to the Goddess within.Silver Flower acts on the emotional body and cleanses and soothes negative emotional patterns easing stress, emotional traumas and grief. It emanates strong Goddess energies that empower the feminine side of one's being. It can help one to release deeply held emotional traumas connected to one's feminine power. Silver Flower energy, we found Silver Flower awakens and activates the Third Eye and Crown Chakras increasing one's insight and inner vision, thus aiding one to have clarity and be able to see the truth in all situations

Cosmic Goddess Empowerments recommends this system by Hari Winarso who writes that Silver Floweris a useful modality to integrate the energies of the individual chakras with each other. Cosmic Goddess Empowerments found that Silver Flower has the full spectrum energy contained within the rainbows enabling energy to flow throughout one's energy fields. It protects against psychic attack by deflecting any negative energies that are being directed into one's energy fields thus preventing any negativity to enter..

With purchase you will receive:

The original English translation pdf manual which includes attunement information, how to give treatments/distant healing methods, how to pass attunements and more sent electronically and your distant attunement by chi ball call in method

Silver Flower, digital pdf by Hari Winarso

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