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Sekhem Reiki (Sekhem Reiki/Seichim Reiki) 1&2 Attunements: Ancient Egyptian




Includes Sekhem Reiki 1&2

Level of Difficulty: Medium to High



Ability to work independently with energies without step by step instruction



Sekhem / Seichim, (pronounced say-keem), is an Egyptian word meaning power. The energy (not the system) was discovered in 1984 by an American Reiki Master, Patrick Zeigler, much in the same mystical way as Dr. Usui received Reiki. Sometimes, Seichim is spelled Sekhem or SKHM known as the Living light energy.


Seichim is one of the aspects of healing spiritual energy that was used by and taught in the temples and mystery schools of Ancient Egypt. Patrick re-discovered this incredibly high level Reiki energy in Egypt while surreptitiously spending the night in one of the pyramids. 

Seichim is a complete healing system which incorporates symbols and energy work, and is passed via a singular master attunement with 2 manual levels with the energy strengthened in the second attunement. Seichim focuses on balancing the masculine and feminine energies within us, creating an energy that is more concentrated, yet gentle.


Seichim is channeled Living Light Energy from Source and as does USUI Reiki, connects with Source to establish healing in physical, mental, emotional and Spiritual body levels as well as stimulating personal development to reach ones true purpose. Present within the energy is a very strong aspect of unconditional love which surpasses most other modalities.


You will receive distant attunements via chi ball / orb of life method only & English digital pdf sent electronically by link.  

Sekhem Reiki (Sekhem Reiki/Seichim Reiki) 1&2 Attunements: Ancient Egyptian


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