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Saint Valentine (Passion and Everlasting Love), digital pdf by Elaine Decarlo

Saint Valentine Passion & Everlasting Love, digital e-manual: Share Passion, Increase Capacity to give and recieve love, remove fear, doubts and MORE


12 February 2018

Founder Elaine DeCarlo


Some Benefits May Include:

  • Promoting passion from within
  • Increased ability to share passion
  • Promoting & Strengthening Creativity
  • Removing Fear & Doubt
  • Ability to channel strength to others
  • Promoting Tranquility Within You
  • Lessening of Depression
  • An Increased Capacity to Experience & Share Love
  • A Physical, Spiritual & Mental Detoxification
  • An Increased Awareness of Your Spirit Guides
  • Many more positive changes as varies from individual to individual


About Saint Valentines Passion and Everlasting Love:


Elaine writes her system brings passion to pursue anything that you love, fullfillment and enthusiasm of any kind. Not just the love between two people. I also felt a sense of empowerment, that I could do so many things and well. A feeling of strength came over me. So it is with this that I began channeling the St. Valentine’s Passion & Everlasting Love Empowerment. It is meant to bring to you the juices needed to surge you into creativity. To bring you into a positive and uplifted state of mind and to surround you with a feeling of accomplishment in all that you pursue. As well as promoting these in others.


Included is digital e-manual sent electronically by link and orb of life attunement

Saint Valentine (Passion and Everlasting Love), digital pdf by Elaine Decarlo

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