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Sacred Sekhem, Level 4 Advanced Degree Attunement,  Techniques for Manifesting

Sacred Sekhem, Level 4 Advanced Degree, digital pdf, (No BOGO) Techniques for Manifesting Blessings, Conscious Evolution


Founder: Stephen Comee

Buy 1 Get 1 Free? NO

Levels Included in this Listing, 1: Advanced Degree Level 4


There is a wait to Purchase of 30 Days after receiving Level 3 direct from Cosmic Goddess Empowerments


Degree of Difficulty: High

Symbols: Yes

Meditations: Yes

Prerequisite: Registered Student Member for 6 Months and attunement by Cosmic Goddess Empowerments to Sacred Sekhem levels 1-3  PRIOR to purchase and Reiki 3 or higher recommended



Cosmic Goddess Empowerments highly recommends this system and find it to be the ultimate most comprehensive and developed of the Seichim or Sekhem energy systems.




Opening Blockages, Sealing in Energy & Achieving Integration


Conscious Evolution: Creating and Directing Our Own Development

“Igniting the Inner Fire”: What Egypt Still Has to Teach Us


Seichim Symbols

• Zonar (4 var) [ZON]

• Halu (3 var) [HAL]

• Harth (2 var) [HRT]

• Mara/Rama (2 var) [MAR]

• Fire Dragon (3 var) [FDR]

4 Sekhem Symbols

• Tam a Ra Sha (2 var) [TRS] 

• Trinity (2 var) [TRI] 

• Pentacle (4 var; Tao var) [PEN] Taoist version / 2 var) [TAO]

• To Merge Consciousness [TMC] 


5 Techniques for Conscious Evolution

• Healing Meditation

• Fulfill Your Own Potential 

• Re-Unite the Fragments of Your Higher Self 

6 Techniques for Manifesting Blessings

• How to Use the Law of Attraction to Have More of What You Really Want

• Creating Money, Prosperity & Abundance Now

7 Working with Chakras / Auras

• Chakras

• Auras

8 Psychic & Spiritual Healing

• Sekhem Energy at a Higher Level

• Pyramid Energy

• The 9-Bodies System of Ancient Egypt

• The Sirian Surgeons

9 A Sekhem Chakra Meditation 

10 Creating Your Own Pyramid of Power in the 5th Dimension


A1 Getting Rid of People’s Feelings You’ve Locked Up 84

A2 Who Is Sekhmet?

• Sekhmet: Lioness of the Sun

• Hymn to Sekhmet-Bast

• Sekhmet’s Ennead

• Through the Mouth of the Lion: Sekhmet as an Archetype

A3 The Healing Pyramid of Imhotep: A Visualization


Included with purchase is the original Sacred Sekhem Level 4 Advanced Degree English PDF delivered electronically by link and orb of life distant attunement service

Sacred Sekhem, Level 4 Advanced Degree Attunement, Techniques for Manifesting

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