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Sacred Geometry Light Body 1&2 Attunement: Lightbody UPGRADE



Founder Mariah Windsong Couture

Levels 1

Prerequisite: None



Personal use has 2 attunements. The first assists you to co-create your Sacred Geometry Light Body and the second helps you to maintain it if repairs are needed in the future.


The beautiful and mysterious geometric designs you've seen in nature and in many places of worship have beneficial qualities that strengthen your energy fields and enhance your spiritual abilities when incorporated into your light body.


Cosmic Goddess Empowerments students agree that a vibrant Sacred Geometry Light Body can feel better than any clothes you’ve ever worn! What's very important and we would like our clients to know that it doesn’t matter if you can feel subtle spiritual energies or not. Your Sacred Geometry Light Body Activation takes into consideration all of the spiritual work you have already done and upgrades it to help you integrate various sacred geometry structures into it. Dolhins bring joyful energy to this creation process and help your physical body to integrate with your upgraded sacred geometry light body!


Mariah indicates that behind the scenes templates for many sacred geometries will be provided to your light body with instructions for shifting one form to another as need be. As expressed, this will be done ‘behind the scenes’. Cosmic Goddess Empowerments would like our clients to know that you may or may not be conscious of the shift from one sacred geometric structure to another. But you'll enjoy the benefits of knowing that your upgraded light body has the capacity to assume the form that is most appropriate for whatever sacred works you are engaged in or life situation you encounter.


Included 1 digital e-manual for Personal Use sent electronically by link and orb of life attunement service delivered 3 days apart

Sacred Geometry Light Body 1&2 Attunement: Lightbody UPGRADE


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