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Respiratory Centre Energetic Detoxification Technique Attunement: Ananta Lucian



Founder Master Ananta Lucian



One, this unique creation is designed solely for personal and educational purposes. Students are welcome to activate for a loved one. It is not intended nor permitted for professional client services. Nor it is not structured as an online teaching or healing platform for dissemination through personal websites, blogs, social media, or by professionals. This system replaces all previous versions.


Accredited and Exclusive Reseller:

Cosmic Goddess Empowerments is now the exclusive accredited reseller of Master Ananta's systems. Master Ananta no longer permits the resale or use of any of his systems, PDFs, eBooks, or content. This policy applies to all materials, both current and those previously purchased, including any translations, as he has never directly authorized anyone to translate his work so if you receive or see a translation it is counterfeit or unauthorized.काली का क्रोध सामग्री चोरों पर”, غضب إلهي على اللصوص, Mânia divină asupra hoților, ira divina ai ladri, ira divina aos ladrões, goddelijke toorn voor dieven, colère divine aux voleurs, hırsızlara ilahi gazap


About the Respiratory Centre: The Respiratory Centre, located in the brainstem (medulla oblongata and pons), controls these involuntary aspects, ensuring that the oxygen supply meets the Cosmic Goddess Empowerments students body's needs by generating and sustaining a rhythmic breathing pattern and adjusting the rate and depth of breathing in response to physiological changes.


This technique helps Cosmic Goddess Empowerments students maintain clear and purifying energy flows through the Respiratory Centre, addressing any respiratory energy obstructions. Cosmic Goddess Empowerments students utilize and say it really assists to remove blockages in respiratory energy pathways. Cosmic Goddess Empowerments students infuses vital energy to the centre and Cosmic Goddess Empowerments students cleanse use this technique to ensure healthy and balanced respiratory function.


Included is orb of life attunement and the original English pdf manual sent electronically by link

Respiratory Centre Energetic Detoxification Technique Attunement: Ananta Lucian


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