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Rama Sekhem (Rama Seichim) Attunement: Authority, Protection, Freedom

Founder: GEOM

Prerequisite: None

Symbols?  Yes 8 double symbols

Chant?  Yes for 8 days


Rama Sekhem offers a special Amrita (Divine Nectar) Attunement. Eight special Sekhem double symbols are provided to access the Rama energy, the most important energy of the ancient world. Sekhem is the sacredness of this energy - its divine qualities and features. Rama Sekhem is the Protection and Freedom of Rama - the Divine Absolute Authority.


Rama is a profound and ancient spiritual concept that holds immense significance in the world's spiritual traditions. It is believed that Rama contains the entire Universe and is the source of all languages. Rama is considered a great warrior of justice and is regarded as an avatar or manifestation of Vishnu, sharing equal importance with Krishna. If you chant "Rama" you attain Paradise and you free yourself from all negativity and every sin. Chanted to a dying person or before dying it frees the soul of all sins.



Sekhem is the embodiment of the sacredness of Rama's energy, encompassing its divine qualities and sacred features. It is seen as a conduit to access divine power, wisdom, and love. Sekhem is believed to strengthen the inner and divine will, providing protection, healing power, and spiritual enlightenment. It represents a source of divine nectar, known as Amrita, which quenches spiritual and healing thirst. Additionally, Sekhem is thought to help with human communication issues and throat problems, realign the body's masculine energy, release karmic barriers, and strengthen the light body and spiritual aspects.


Rama Sekhem Manual Includes:

  • Rama Sekhem Healing
  • Rama Sekhem Symbols
  • Rama Sekhem Meditation
  • Rama Sekhem Attunement 


You will receive 1 distant energy attunement by orb of life chi ball call in method and the original English translation manual sent electronically by link.  English is not the founders main language.

Rama Sekhem (Rama Seichim) Attunement: Authority, Protection, Freedom

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