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Protective Rose Camouflage Attunement: Protection from Psychic Vampires



Channeled by Nicole Lanning



efending yourself against psychic attacks. Nicole explains that it empowers you to shield yourself from psychic vampires and predators aiming to inflict suffering. This system not only conceals you from predators but also preserves your energetic integrity, enabling you to continue your daily activities, work, healing sessions, and attunements without disruption.

Furthermore, Nicole underscores the use of rose quartz crystal energy to safeguard the heart chakra, a prime target during psychic assaults. By enveloping you in nurturing energy, rose quartz counters negativity aimed at eroding self-love and disrupting your life.


And more!


Protective Rose Camouflage Empowerment listing includes 1 digital e-manual sent electronically by link and orb of life distant attunement







This system works to teach you how to protect yourself from psychic attacks. In the manual Nicole says that it assists to give the ability to hide yourself from psychic vampires and predators that will go out of their way to cause you to suffer the suffering of such attacks. This system gives you ability to hide yourself from predators, as well as keeping yourself whole energetically and still being able to be able to cope, go about your normal every day to day life, work, healing sessions, send attunements and and not have any interference.


In addition Nicole writes that: You will learn the to work with rose quartz crystal energy which works on the heart chakra which is one of the first energy centers that a psychic attack and the attacker will focus on. Your attacker will try to remove your love of yourself and the love of the life you lead is their way to gain entry to your whole being. Using rose quartz which is the stone of unconditional love it protects the heart center by enveloping your being with a warm, loving energy to fight off the negativity that is being sent to you.


Nicole says that this energy form will activate and hold its protective shield for 24 hours at a time. So if activating this say at 9am, it will remain active till 9am the next day. This way you do not have to constantly worry or think or program the energy and form to hold itself or wonder if it is still active. This is the way the energy came through and is channeled. Another beautiful aspect of this form is that, especially for us lightworkers, it allows us to send positive healing energy works out and about, such as attunements, healings, blessings, etc and this will not in any way interfere with the sessions being done.


Protective Rose Camouflage Attunement: Protection from Psychic Vampires


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