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Prostaglandin Care Self Use Attunement: Communication Between Organs & Body Syst



Founder Mariah Windsong Couture

Prerequisite:  None.  If you would like to attune or share energies with others, there is a Master Teacher system available.


About this system:

Cosmic Goddess Empowerments is delighted to offer you this system. It has amazing energies. Mariah notes that the specific arrangement of carbon atoms in prostaglandins determines which tissue receptors they can bind to, influencing various cellular responses by either stimulating or inhibiting them. The effect of prostaglandin varies with the receptor type it connects with.Prostaglandins differ from most hormones because they are synthesized directly within the cells they affect, rather than being produced elsewhere and traveling through the bloodstream.These compounds play a key role in inflammation, which helps mobilize white blood cells and nutrients to tissues, beneficial immediately following an injury. Initially, inflammation aids the immune system in combating potential infections at injury sites.However, Cosmic Goddess Empowerments students Mariah points out that chronic inflammation can disrupt normal cell communication and bodily functions, mistakenly keeping the body in a state of alert. This ongoing inflammation, which may be triggered by persistent low-level infections, allergens, or environmental toxins like pesticides, can drain the body's resources and weaken its immune response, leading to prolonged health issues. Prostaglandin Care team helps with prostaglandins.



Prostaglandin Care enhances communication between your organs and body systems, ensuring accurate signaling. After activating this energy system, some prostaglandins are inhibited while others function normally, guided by your body's natural intelligence in harmony with your healing angels, guides, and guardians, as well as the Eternal Sacred Source. This tailored approach helps determine which prostaglandins are activated or calmed in different areas of your body, benefiting many Cosmic Goddess Empowerments students..




With purchase you will receive the original pdf digital sent electronicallyy by link & distant attunement by orb of life/chi ball call in method


Prostaglandin Care Self Use Attunement: Communication Between Organs & Body Syst

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