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Orb of Life, digital PDF:  Learn to Create Etheric Orbs for Healing and More!

Orb of Life, 1 digital PDF by Ole Gabrielsen: Learn to create etheric orbs of life for healing, abundance, for others, for mother earth, creating orb of life attunements and more!




Founder: Ole Gabrielsen

Levels 1


Buyer Testimony:

Rosemary has incredible knowledge and strength, the moment I called this OOL attunement in I felt a tingling shower of strong spiritual energy, shortly after receiving this I was able to begin using it, makes a great blessing gift, clearing and focusing. You will find Rosemary has a lot of knowledge and information to share, always intuitive and ready to assist. (DJ)


And another:

Been trying for over an hour to find words to describe the experience. I am totally aware of the orb's presence and basking in its energy. It's beautifully radiant, serene, loving, and I am very happy to have it with me. I love it!!!


About The Orb of Life:


The Orb of Life is not a physical object it is an orb (energy sphere) and Ole says is a gift of high frequency spiritual energy that is concentrated into an energy sphere and is then passed from one person to another.  An Orb of Life is a wonderful and simple way of using and sharing universal life force energy which can enhance your life and spiritual development.


Cosmic Goddess Empowerments uses Orbs of Life to deliver attunements and energy healing sessions from a distance.


You do not have to be a practicing healer or be attuned to any system of energy healing to work with the orb of life, but it can enhance any other system that you may work with.


Orbs of Life May Be Used for:

  • Healing yourself, animals, and others
  • Cleansing your aura and chakras
  • Providing Protection on an energetic level
  • Enhancing Meditation
  • Charging water/crystals with spiritual energy
  • Clearing negative energy from your environment
  • Sending Healing to a Situration
  • Sending Healing to a Person
  • Psychic Self Defence


Your Orb of Life it is sent distantly from Cosmic Goddess Empowerments to you and will remain with you from the time of the gift through your whole life. It will not diminish over time or fade in any way. You will receive file notes over e-mail explaining how to receive and then how to work with your orb of life aftger you receive, as well as how to create additional orbs for yourself and others.

You can be very creative with the Orbs!


Included With Purchase:

Attunement Service via Chi Ball / Orb of Life method and the English digital e-manual sent electronically by link


Orb of Life, digital PDF: Learn to Create Etheric Orbs for Healing and More!

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