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Nur Purnama Jati (Light of the Full Moon) Attunement: Magnetism & Sex Appeal

Founder Master Hari Andri Winarso


Prayer? Yes, manual delivered by Cosmic Goddess Empowerments will provide the Original OR English translation Prayer as well as information on your required Cleanse Prior to Initiatio


Accredited Reseller: Since 2010, Cosmic Goddess Empowerments is the original selected by founder, accredited licensed reseller of this system.



  • Current Year Online Registered Student Member for 40 days and
  • Prior attunement service with us


About Indonesian Culture Esoteric and Magickal Attunements

The Javanese and Indonesian culture is rich in spiritual esoteric, magickal, and mystical practices and this system delivered by the accredited reseller who received attunements direct from founder is an example of such practices which include prayers and ritual. It is an esoteric empowerment that has its roots in Indonesian esoteric or magickal knowledge and is not for everyone.





Hari writes: Nur Purnama Jati has a meaning as "The Light of The True Full-Moon", this awesome magickal power brings an extraordinary personal magnetism, sex appeal and more as found in manual




Included with purchase:

The original manual sent by pdf email attachment and distant energy attunement by chi ball method only

Nur Purnama Jati (Light of the Full Moon) Attunement: Magnetism & Sex Appeal

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  • The Indonesian systems reflect the belief system of Master Hari and Indonesian ideology and cultural beliefs. Please note that this product may not be suitable for everyone due to its specific cultural and spiritual aspects