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New Transformation Energy Device, digital PDF: A device to manifest CHANGE!

Founder Maha Kamaleksana


Maha writes in his manual: New Transformation Energy Device promotes the shift of transformation and brings us a totally new outlook on life. If we have been thinking of making changes in our life, using this energetic device helps us to manifest these changes. It aids us to change our career, our finances and our spirituality. Particularly, it can bring transformation on a grand scale as a totally new outlook on life for the better. Its metaphysical properties have the potential to bring great wealth and power. It brings abundance and prosperity into our life on a grand scale and aids us to manifest money, but it should be used with care.


It enhances personal power as it attunes us to new frequencies as you release fear around spiritual exploration. It may magnetize to us, a range of different experiences and it has an element of coincidence and synchronicity within its vibration. So we may simply trip across different positive assistance seemingly by accident.


This energetic system helps us to be able to avoid the physical problems often felt when we take journeys spiritually, that might otherwise have left us very ungrounded.


New Transformation Energetic Device is also an excellent aid to meditation, as it allows us to slip easily into meditation and brings through a state of mind where we may be less distracted than usual. It is also a strong psychic protection energetic device that creates a barrier against psychic intrusion during the time we are doing our spiritual practices.


Its energy will stimulate within us a greater amount of personal courage, to reject contact with beings that we do not want to associate with. It has the possibility to allow us to contact extra-terrestrial or inter-dimensional beings at these times.


You will receive a distant attunement service by orb of life / chi ball and manual sent electroncially by link 

New Transformation Energy Device, digital PDF: A device to manifest CHANGE!


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