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Mystical Garuda Force, digital e-manual by Hari Winarso

Mystical Garuda Force, digital e-manual by Hari Winarso: Protect From All Form of Dangers, Evil Spirits, Spells, Black Magick & Find Success & Victory


4 July 2017

Founder Hari Andri Winarso

BOGO:  Yes, Cosmic Goddess Empowerments is an accredited reseller

Levels 1

About this system:

Cosmic Goddess Empowerments clients who love the protection energies of Hari Winarso will find that Mystical Garuda Force provides protection.  The Gardua hails from Indonesia and Hari writes will protect from any form of negativities and Cosmic Goddess Empowerments found this energy brings a strong protection energy.  Hari writes a protection energy against all forms of danger. This force will helps not only to protect but removes all negativities, evil spirits, black magick, negative spells from physical, energetical, and the spiritual body. Mystical Garuda Force also brings any positive things in your life, such as bravery, peace of mind, success in any parts of your life, victory, good health, etc . Thank you for visiting’s this listing is web tracked by copyscape.

With purchase you will receive:

The English digital e-manual pdf sent electronically by link. True lineage is provided in your informational mail and attunement initiation s delivered by orb of life method

Mystical Garuda Force, digital e-manual by Hari Winarso

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