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Mystical Force of Shani Kavach©: Propitiate Affected Saturn Malefic effects

2021, Mystical Force of Shani Kavach©. digital PDF: Propitiate an afflicted Shani/Saturn, minimize the malefic or malevolent effects & MORE




21 September 2021


Founder Master Ananta Lucian


Levels 1


Mantra(s) Yes



Cosmic Goddess Empowerments highly recommends Master Ananta's energy systems!  Obstacles and misfortunes can make your life extremely miserable.Those who study astrology can surely appreciate this energy.  Those who study Vedic astrology... this is a wow energy! 


Quoting from the copyrighted manual:

"Shani (Sanskrit: शनि, Śan Shani Shanti Kavach is a spiritual amulet which is made in personalized way for you that creates a powerful spiritual Guard on you to give you a protection and guard against Saturn's evil effecti), or Śanaiśchara. Shani refers to the planet Saturn and chara means movement, and in this case slow move as Saturn is a slow mover! Shani is one of the nine Navagraha or nine primary celestial objects in Hindu astrology AND Lord Shani Dev is EMBODIED in the planet Saturn".


"Mystical Force of Shani Kavach© was channeled to connect you to the ethereal Kavach (shield) of Shani. Shani is the son of Surya, and it is said when he opened his eyes the sun went into an eclipse, and thus his impact on astrological charts and is a highly consecrated ethereal holiness of high protection essence. The Mystical Force of Shani Kavach© is infused with the energy of Shani, then blessed".


"Lord Shani Dev is the God of Karma, deliverer of Bad Luck, Justice and Retribution. and according to Vedic astrology, Lord Shani Dev is the auspice of unfavorable luck and reprisal. ward off evil and remove personal obstacles. This ethereal shield, when activated, helps to propitiate an afflicted Shani/Saturn. Use to minimize the malefic or malevolent effect of Shani/Saturn".


Included is the original English PDF manual delivered electronically by link and orb of life / chi ball distant attunement service




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Mystical Force of Shani Kavach©: Propitiate Affected Saturn Malefic effects

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