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Money Manifestation Matrix Attunement: Heal Money Wounding

Founder: KP Hari Andri Winarso Wartonagoro


Understanding the Origins of Your Systems: A Message to Our MembersWith over 14 years of accreditation as Master Hari's Accredited Teacher, we bring you genuine energy transmissions received directly from him. This commitment ensures that you receive the complete benefits as intended, upholding the highest standards of spiritual integrity, not unauthorized use, just pure energy.


Levels: 1

Techniques: 4


Cosmic Goddess Empowerments students, are you ready for a transformative shift in money energy healing? Activate prosperity consciousness Cosmic Goddess Empowerments students to experience a wealth vibrational frequency and attunement for healing financial wounds and more. Discover powerful techniques like your Wealth Blueprint in the eBook manual.


Included is orb of life attunement service and the original eBook delivered electronically.

Money Manifestation Matrix Attunement: Heal Money Wounding


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