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Media Influence Flush, by Mariah Windsong

Media Influence Flush, by Mariah Couture (1 digital e-manual PDF) Help flush away adverse suggestions of media, from your mind & energy fields

Founder Mariah Windsong Couture

Language pdf Manual Available in your choice of either English or German

There are both intended and unintended influences in the media we receive. The unintended influences such as the emotions of the actors or newscasters can easily overwhelm intuitive people. These influences can be flushed!

Media Influences can create a layer of sludge that interferes with spiritual insight. This Flush can drop away those interferes, renewing your insight.

The influence of media absorbed during waking hours can disrupt peaceful sleep as your mind attempts to resolve the disconcerting messages about the world around you. Media Influences Flush can give your mind the freedom to review and make sense of the important information from your day rather than sorting through media influences that are unimportant to your life.


You will receive with purchase: Your choice of the original English or German digital pdf e-manual sent electronically and 1 distant chi ball attunement


Media Influence Flush, by Mariah Windsong

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