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Macan Sewu (One Thousand Tigers) digital PDF,  (No BOGO)  Master Winarso


Invisible Fortress


Macan Sewu means 1000 Tigers! It is a Javanese Magickal Energy English translation PDF and you must recite prayer in Javanese!


Prayer, Yes, not in English in Javanese

MP3, yes only for Prayer (No translation for purification rite)




Founder: Hari Winarso


Prerequisite:  Registered Member for 6 months with an attunement history with Master Noel (no exemptions) during this time.

This is a Javanese Magickal System and may reflect some of the idealogy / belief systems of Indonesia as shared by Master Hari Winarso, it is not for everyone, you must recite prayer in Javanese.  There is no translation for Javanese purification rite.  


Levels 1


Macan Sewu has a meaning "A Thousand Tigers", this magickal power is very powerful to protect yourself and your home/properties from psychic and physical intrusion, from robbers, thieves, negative entities, black magic, etc. The magickal power of Macan Sewu builds up an invisible fortress that like as a thousand of tiger spirit.


You will receive 1 distant orb of life chi ball attunement service and English translation PDF attachment manual.

You'll receive the orginal English translation manual sent by pdf link attachment and 1 distant energy attunement service via orb of life / chi ball and 1 mp3 mantra. 



Macan Sewu (One Thousand Tigers) digital PDF, (No BOGO) Master Winarso

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