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Lemurian Indigo Connections, digital PDF, by Anna May: Lemuria, Goddess Amara

Lemurian Indigo Connections, digital pdf manual by Anna May: Re-establish your Lemurian Connection, Connect with Goddess Amara



Founder: Rev Anna May

Mantra? Yes

Symbols? Yes




The Lemurian Indigo Connections system was channeled by Anna May, with a number of light beings, particularly Lemurians and Avalonians and through work with them received inspiration and insight. This attunement was received during a Lemurian meditation with Lemurian Goddess Amara. She is goddess of the sea, fertility, love, nurturing and abundance. The sea represents birth, prosperity and rebirth and Amara is a powerful guiding force.


There are symbols and a mantra to build confidence and to re-establish Indigo lightworkers re-establishing the spiritual connection they long for. Even if you are not sure if you are a Lightworker or an Indigo but you were drawn to reading about this system, then it's no coincidence you're looking and this is part of your soul journey.


The attunement consists of 7 connection symbols which are imprinted into your energy field and are representative of different aspects of Universal energy that are brought to us through Amara; these are spiritual 'tools' that you can use to maintain your well being on all levels and which are particularly relevant to those of an essentially spiritual disposition.




There is a 24 page manual which includes;

  • The Indigo Connections
  • Indigos, Lightworkers and Crystal Children
  • Lemurian Goddess Amara
  • Information about the Lemurians
  • The Seven Connections
  • Self-Treatment
  • Preparation for your attunement
  • Attuning others
  • Grounding


Included is the original e-manual English PDF sent electronically by link and orb of life attunement service

Lemurian Indigo Connections, digital PDF, by Anna May: Lemuria, Goddess Amara

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