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Karmic Clan Cleansing, digital PDF: Clean genetic line

Karmic Clan Cleansing, digital pdf: Help to clean away non-relation negativity from genetic line ancestor associations.



5 June 2020


Founder Manuela Fasoli



Manuela Fasoli writes that karmic clan is made of all the people who have come into contact with members of our genetic line without being related. These people may have caused problems for our ancestors, problems that are still present in our genealogy. That the karmic clan can be removed, this is because many people who don't belong to our genetic line are involved in the clan and we don’t have their permission, but we can clean away their negative energies and give them light. With this system you help your blood line to be cleaned.


With purchase you will receive the original Italian to English translation manual by Manuela Fasoli and orb of life distant attunement

Karmic Clan Cleansing, digital PDF: Clean genetic line


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