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Fluorite Cluster Attunement: Catalyst for Life Change

Fluorite Cluster, a digital e-manual: Ability to Sort & Shift Information During Difficult Times, Catalyst for Life's Changes,

Founder Mariah Windsong CoutureAbout thi

s system:


It is said that the various forms a Fluorite crystal takes along its growth path gives us a clue to the gifts it brings a person who works with its spiritual energies.Fluorite Cluster is an ethereal spiritual mental balm energy. In the cluster formation it looks much like you might see a futuristic city and is about unity within diversity. It helps a person’s mental body and brain function effectively during times when there is information arriving from many places at once. It assists a person to sort and sift, making sense out of what is important and discarding or filing obsolete or inapplicable information. Information arrives in many more ways now.



  • Mental Balm                                     
  • Moves your life expression into next highest octave
  • Sort & Shift Information During Difficult Times
  • Catalyst for Life's Changes
  • Facilitate the changes necessary to be in alignment with the truth of who you are
  • Faciliate more options than just 1 or 2
  • Reduce your resistance to change so that your life changes to more accurately reflect who you are at the higher levels, while you are here in body on planet Earth.
  • Assists your mind notice intuitive wisdom and new solutions


Included is orb of life / chi ball distant attunement service and the original PDF manual delivered electronically

Fluorite Cluster Attunement: Catalyst for Life Change

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