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Etheric Hands Awakening Attunement:  Spiritual Hands Enhancement



Founder Mariah Windsong Couture
Prerequisite: Hand Care
Etheric Hands Awakening ä is designed to awaken your innate ability to use your spiritual non physical hands to channeling healing energies and bring a physical touch to your or other people’s bodies. Etheric Hands Awakening ä works first to clear the various energy centers otherwise known as chakras, in your hands and arms. This is essential for your gifts and natural abilities to flow freely. Then you’ll be able to channel healing energies more effectively and be ready for your etheric hands to fully awakening. Some people already have use of their etheric hands in a conscious or unconscious way. This energy system will refine your skills.


There are many other important energy systems that you can be trained in once you have received this foundational attunement. Your etheric hands number in the double or triple digits, and manifest on an as needed basis. Etheric Hands Awakening provides a way for you to use extra hands to deliver energies and do spiritual healing work even in places you can’t physically reach. You can work on your back or a friend at a distance.
Included is orb of life/chi ball distant attunement service and digital PDF manual delivered electronically by link
You will receive 1 distant energy attunement by orb of life / chi ball call in method and 1 digital pdf e-manual sent electronically

Etheric Hands Awakening Attunement: Spiritual Hands Enhancement


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