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Ethereal Crystal Drop Away Discordant Energy Session with digital informational

Ethereal Crystal Drop Away Discordant Energy Session with digital informational: Something that is discordant is strange or unpleasant because it does not fit in with other things. 


This session is specific to assist to help drop away these things whether they be childhood trauma, an old relationship still very present in your emotional life or a health concern.  At checkout when prompted, please list your one single area of concern.  If you have more than one area, please purchase an addditonal session!  




Faciliator: Master Rosemary Noel,  a Spiritual Elder and founder of over 200 Energy Systems.  


BOGO: Not in Included in Buy 1 Get 1 Free Offerings


Turn-Around-Time: Due to the popularity of Rosemary's sessions, session completion response time can be as little as 72 hours up to 7 days. Sessions are prepared on a first come first serve basis.


Your Session:

Rosemary began Cosmic Goddess Empowerments over 18 years ago on eBay selling crystals and has been working with crystals, stone and crytalline energies for over 45 years and she attests that the healing ability of physical crystals are legendary. Some people can feel the fast vibrational frequencies of crystals. Whether you can feel their subtle spiritual energy or not, they will be attending to you, in accord with your body consciousness, your personality, soul and in alignment with Eternal Sacred Source.


Ethereal crystal energies are channeled on an etheric level, not on a physical one, You will receive energetic crystal energies that are the same as the real ones but on and many times, more enhanced, than the physical crystal and stones with the same properties.Cosmic Goddess Empowerments attests that the healing skills of  individualcrystals and stones for humans are amazing. They assist to harmonize all layers of a person's energetic system, as well as on a emotional, mental land spiritual level. The energies from this session are infused into your body's cells allowing for incongruous and discordant energies drop away.              


Each variety of crystals are known to have their own specialties. The right Etheric Crystals will emerge and extend their energies for your indiviual session. Cosmic Goddess Empowerments is excited for you to exprience the crystalline energies coming forth - bringing their many unrevealed and secret abilities that aren't already written about in any other material here on Earth.


When Rosemary has completed your session you will receive notification your orb of life / chi ball is ready, notes about the crystals who stepped forth in a PDFsession informational sent by Cosmic Goddess Empowerments by link to you. Sessions can be reactivated by you three times and are not included in bogo offerings and delivery is 72 hours up to 5 days. 


At check out please list the one area of concern you would like attention directed toward needing the dropping away of discordant energy.



We do not diagnose, cure, heal or treat any physical, mental, spiritual or emotional condition. You are responsible for how you perceive your session and bear all responsibility for any outcome. Energy works in accord with you, your higher self and soul. No medical claims are made nor suggested, only your soul and God decides on what level your energies are received.

Ethereal Crystal Drop Away Discordant Energy Session with digital informational

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