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Educational Success Empowerment Attunement: Be better student

Educational Success Empowerment digital e-manual: Clear Hindrances of Being a Student, Understanding Subjects, Recall What You Hear Read Learn

Includes Educational Success Empowerment e-manual & attunement.

9 December 2015

Founder Hari Andri Winarso

Levels 1

About this system:

Hari writes that his system Educational Success Empowerment was channeled to help you clear your system of any hindrances that keep you from being the student you want to be, and instead implant the thought patterns of top successful college students into your system. This empowerment infuses positive life force to your brain/mind that assists you to easily understand all subjects, easily comprehend and recall what you hear-read-learn. Educational Success Empowerment helps you to motivate yourself to succeed in any area of your life .Thank you for visiting


With purchase you will receive:

The original English translation pdf manual by Hari which includes attunement information, how to give treatments, distant healing methods, and how to pass attunements sent electronically and your distant attunement by chi ball call in method

Educational Success Empowerment Attunement: Be better student


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