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Dolphin Reiki 30 Attunement Package (No BOGO): Dolphins, Atlantis, Mu, Lemuria



  1. Registered Online Registered Student Member with a previous attunement history with our staff over at least 60 days.
  2. Some systems may require Reiki Mastership


Buy 1 Get 1:  No, bundles and packages are not included in buy 1 get 1 free offerings


Certificates?  No, we are a student member store and students do not request lineage



Yes, our bundles and packages are available for online current year registered students who follow us on social and those with an attunement history with us of 90 days or longer.


Delivery:  Please allow up to 48 hours to get all file links to you.


About the dolphins and this package:


Connect your body, mind, soul and heart with the energies of the dolpins. They will swim into your heart when you need love, swim into your body when you need healing, swim into your soul when you need the company of the stars. Call to the dolphins to cleanse your spirit and  infuse it with a higher light. These Dolphin Reiki energies and  Empowerments  are intoxicating and takes you to swim along with the dolphins all dimensions. You will connect to Atlantian Dolphins, Dolphin Crystal Essences, Dolphin Elixirs, Dolphin Love, Dolphin Prisms and Dolphin Sacred Drumbeats! 




  1. Amara Omni
  2. Aquamarine Dolphin Healing
  3. Atlantean Dolphins
  4. Dolphin Radar
  5. Diamond Dolphin Vibration
  6. Dolphin Agility Wave
  7. Dolphin Breath (gift)
  8. Dolphin Crystal Essence
  9. Dolphin Heart
  10. (Original) Dolphin Elixir
  11. Dolphin Elixir Booster
  12. Dolphin Empowerment
  13. Dolphins of Atlantis
  14. Dolphin Love Essence
  15. Dolphin Prism
  16. Dolphin Rainbow Chakra
  17. Healing Dolphin Reiki (gift)
  18. Dolphin Sacred Drumbeat Dolphin Seichim Sekhem Reiki Dolphin Song Dolphin Stone of Mu Dolphin Trilogy Dolphin White Wave Eternal Dolphin Infusion High Dolphin Healing Kormanu Magickal Dolphin Healing Sacred Breath Turquoise Flame Walking the Rainbow






With purchase you will receive the original English digital e-manuals sent electronically and distant energy attunements via orb of life chi ball call in method. There are no substitutions of systems with package offerings. Even if you have several of these it's still an amazing value!  Attunements are delivered 1 or 2 a day maximum until all are configured.





Dolphin Reiki 30 Attunement Package (No BOGO): Dolphins, Atlantis, Mu, Lemuria

  • Please be aware that our packages must be acquired as standalone selections.

    Attunements are delivered 1 or 2 a day until completed. We deliver attunements Monday - Friday.

    Only 1 Package may be purchased at a time and completed before a purchase of another.

    Packages are specifically accessible only to our Online Registered Student Members for the current year and individuals with a prior attunement history with us over 30 days.

    Packages are not available to Teachers/Professional/Teachers in Training or for Teacher Personal Use.  When opting for a package, it should be your exclusive choice and not be combined with other systems or offerings.

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