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Diamond Facets Soul Freedom, digital PDF by Elaine DeCarlo: Clear Past Live

Diamond Facets Soul Freedom, digital PDF: Clear Past Lives - Universal Power Protection, Protect Others & MUCH MORE!!!





Founder Elaine Decarlo

Symbol? Yes

Mantra? Yes

About this system


Diamond Facets Soul Freedom Reiki brings emotional and spiritual clearing.  It will help you connect to your past lives & over-soul.  Dimond Facets bring forth protection when universal power is needed


Diamond Facets Soul Freedom, digital PDF by Elaine DeCarlo: Clear Past Live

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  • Some  Benefites:

    • Connecting with Universal Energies & Experience Oneness
    • Ability to draw down protection of Universal power
    • Channeling power & protection to others when needed
    • Gaining a deeper respect & understanding of Nature
    • Gaining a deeper understanding of the Circle of Life
    • Gaining a more balanced view of Your Own Path
    • Maintaining a more energetically Balanced System
    • Renewal & Strengthening of Entire Energy System
    • Many more positive effects to be experienced Individually
  • My friend Elaine  began channeling this attunement while meditating & contemplating upon the meaning of past lives and the over-soul.   She writes: To me the over-soul was shown as a large diamond with countless facets. One facet shinning the most brightly, I believe, meaning the lifetime that I am currently “experiencing”. But around the diamond were many other facets shining just as brightly, although on different angles. It came to me as meaning that perhaps these lifetimes that were shining most brightly were either happening simultaneously or they had a common theme or thread throughout them. I believe similar themes or lessons were being learned in all of these lifetimes, whatever physical form that they may have been. Be it human or animal (or possibly even nature, grass, etc.). Although I have not myself reviewed past lifetimes in this form, I will not discount the possibility. I have reviewed past lifetimes as human or animal only. As I worked more with these energies I felt the vibrations to be very sharp and static. As calling upon the diamond facets helped to clear out old and stagnant energies, releasing past pains, judgments and hardships and allowing healings, not only for my present life, but for other lifetimes, perhaps those involving similar themes as I mentioned above. I do feel there are many times when we must relearn and relive similar circumstances as a way of totally clearing out a pattern. And we go in cycles of this, or several lifetimes will carry similar or same themes until released and then working out other negative patterns or energies are on the next order. Bu visualizing a diamond, I felt a complete release and resurging. Releasing of negative energies and resurging of positive clearing energies.


    Included is digital e-manual PDF sent electronically by link and orb of life / chi ball attunement service

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