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Benteng Surya (Sun Fortress) Attunement: Invisible Fortress Home or Business




Founder: Hari Winarso


Background: Only 3 people worldwide have been attuned to this system direct from Hari as the accredited reseller since 2010 we receive direct from Master Hari.



  • Current year online registered student member for 30 days.
  • History of prior attunements with Cosmic Goddess Empowerments


About the system:


Benteng Surya is fortress of the sun.

  • Benteng = Fortress
  • Surya = Sun


Benteng Surya builds an invisible fortress around the home. It helps protect your home from disturbances, intruders, thieves, robbers, and even evil spirit entities. It also will protects shop, building, warehouse, etc, from all disturbances and natural disasters. The magickal power of Benteng Surya also protects you against psychic attacks in all forms -- everywhere and every time.


Benteng Surya is a Javanese magickal energy with Javanese prayer mp3.  In addition, you'll receive 1 distant orb of life / chi ball attunement and PDF sent electronically. 


This is a Javanese Magickal System and may reflect some of the idealogy / belief systems of Indonesia as shared by Master Hari Winarso, it is not for everyone,


Master Winarso says that the  purpose of this empowerment is to assistance protect us from physical and  metaphysical attacks, especially for physical attacks, the power of Singo Lodoyo will protect us aggressors attacking in groups. The power of Singo Lodoyo does this by having your enemies/aggressors can't see you, to fight among themselves! This power may also immobilize enemies power remotely


Included is orb of life distant attunement service and Javanese Prayer MP3 and Informational PDF delivered elecgtronically by link.



Note: Please be aware that this is a Indonesian Magickal System and may reflect some of the magickal beliefs of Java and Master Hari Winarso

Benteng Surya (Sun Fortress) Attunement: Invisible Fortress Home or Business


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