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Sheng Chi Attunement:  Dragon's Breath, Formidability, Success

Accredited Reseller:

Being the only accredited reseller of this offering ensures Cosmic Goddess Empowerments students authenticity and integrity of energy direct from Master Ananta. This precaution is necessary due to unauthorized distribution of copyrighted materials, which includes counterfeit copies, endless unauthorized translations, or materials that have been copied from our webstore.


Founder: Master Ananta Lucian


Level 1: This unique system is designed solely for personal and educational purposes. Users are welcome to utilize it to aid a loved one. It is not intended for professional client services. Moreover, it is not structured as an online teaching or healing platform for dissemination through personal websites, blogs, social media, or by professionals.  




Cosmic Goddess Empowerment paraphases from the original content with permission: Sheng Chi Power Force© is a transformative energy channeled to connect Cosmic Goddess Empowerments students with the life-giving essence of the dragon's breath force, known as Sheng Chi. We at Cosmic Goddess Empowerments have worked with this energy in Feng Shui and Cosmic Goddess Empowerments students will connect with this positive, vibrant energy associated with abundance, success, malleability, resilience and well-being much more in Master Ananta's own wording in the manual.


Included is orb of life attunement service and the original PDF manual delivered electronically by link

Sheng Chi Attunement: Dragon's Breath, Formidability, Success

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