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New Generation Star Children's Light Technique Attunement

May 14, 2024



Master Ananta Lucian with Spiritual Elder and Master Rosemary Noel's energy and translation assistance.



You won't find anywhere else


Levels: 1

This unique creation is designed solely for personal and educational purposes. Students are welcome to activate for a loved one and use it's techniques for your star children. It is not intended nor permitted for professional client services such as resale. Nor it is not structured as an online teaching or healing platform for dissemination through personal websites, blogs, social media, or by professionals by anyone outside of exclusive accredited reseller Cosmic Goddess Empowerments.  All content is copyright to Master Lucian.  Master Lucian does not support any resale of his systems outside of exclusive reseller in English and any translations found for sale past and present are counterfit.



About New Generation Star Children's Light Technique:


This is a transformative energy providing energetic support for the parents, guardians and teachers of the New Generation Star Children.

Nurturing the Pioneers of Tomorrow: this energy helps Cosmic Goddess Empowerments students unlock the profound wisdom, creativity, intuition, multidimensional communication and healing abilities of your New Generation Star Children with this specialized attunement and techique(s).  Trust us, if you are a follower of Master Ananta or Master Rosemary this eBook is a plethora of information!


Included is the orb of life / chi ball distant attunement and the original practitioner manual delivered electronically by link.

New Generation Star Children's Light Technique Attunement


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