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Comprehensive Toxic Cellular Imprint Clearing Self Use Attunement

Address and clear a diverse range of detrimental energetic imprints


Feedback August 23, 2023,

  • "The new Comprehensive Toxic Cellular system is my favorite Reiki attunement. I love the energies of it and I just do one session a day or after a day or so. It's very strong and I feel like I need to do all of those sessions with the list of Imprints, and repeat many of them. It's one I plan to keep using for a long time. Thanks for making that attunement!"


3 August 2023


Founder Master Rosemary Noel


Levels 1:  A self use only system



Introducing the Comprehensive Toxic Cellular Imprint Clearing Attunement, a transformative energy system meticulously crafted for profound healing and balance. This specialized attunement is designed to address and clear a wide range of toxic cellular imprints, promoting overall well-being, personal growth, and spiritual connection.


Cellular Imprints:

Covering birth, past life, relationship, environmental, cultural, educational, ancestral, attachment, spiritual, dream, and transitional imprints, this attunement targets experiences and emotions that leave lasting energetic marks on the physical body. These imprints impact health, emotions, and vitality, influencing responses to various situations. For instance, past traumas can create imprints triggering stress responses.


System Highlights:

  • Identification of a spectrum of imprints.
  • Cellular Healing for profound physical and emotional well-being.
  • Trauma Release for emotional and energetic liberation.
  • Energetic Balance restoration for overall equilibrium.
  • Personal Empowerment through the release of imprints.
  • Relationship Enhancement by clearing negative imprints.
  • Spiritual Expansion facilitated by releasing unfavorable imprints.



About the Attunement:
The Comprehensive Toxic Cellular Imprint Clearing attunement empowers a journey of cellular healing and transformation. It addresses a broad spectrum of imprints, releasing associated traumas and fostering balance across physical and energetic bodies. This attunement equips individuals to work on specific imprints, supporting a life of harmonious vitality and fulfillment. AND SO MUCH MORE INFORMATION YOU WILL FIND IN THE MANUAL!


Included is the orb of life attunement direct from founder and the original English PDF self use manual

Comprehensive Toxic Cellular Imprint Clearing Self Use Attunement


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