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2022, Mystical Force of Bhuvaneshwari Kavach: Protection from Wealth Misfortune

May 2022

Founder: Ananta Lucian

Mantra? Yes




Mystical Force of Bhuvaneshwari Kavach was channeled to connect you to the ethereal Kavach of Bhuvaneshwari.


About Bhuvaneshwari: 

Bhuvaneshwari means the Queen (Eshvari) of the Universe (Bhuvan). Bhuvaneshwari rules over the riches of the Universe. She is worshipped by the gods.  She grants success in life no matter what the chosen field. Bhuvaneshwari is referenced as the obstacle remover because she is proficient of spinning situations in accordance to her desires.  Mystical Force of Bhuvaneshwari is infused with the energy of the deity, then blessed resulting in a highly consecrated ethereal holiness energy.



Kavach means shield.  This ethereal shield provides protection from adverse planetary influence, dangers, ill intentions of others, the strong primordial magicks, spiritual manipulation, negative spirits and more.  The special ethereal Kavach of Bhuvaneshwari and its shield works in providing the protections against wealth misfortunes, use with mantra regularly to protect yours



Bhuvaneshvari is the supreme goddess who creates everything and destroys the unnecessary evils of the world.  She is associated with the energy essential for creation.  Her beauty is renowned, Shiva is said to have produced a third eye just to soak in her beauty.  She removes fears and creates blessings.


She will assist with:


  • Love
  • Peace
  • Beauty
  • Protection
  • Blessings
  • Wishes
  • Expansion
  • Creativity
  • Freedom


You will receive 1 distant attunement service via chi ball / orb of life and 1 digital pdf manual delivered electronically by link

2022, Mystical Force of Bhuvaneshwari Kavach: Protection from Wealth Misfortune

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