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Cellular Reprogramming Empowerment, digital PDF: Release & Replace

23 April 2023

Founder Master Hari Winarso

Accredited and Licensed Reseller and Teacher:


  • Cosmic Goddess Empowerments have been the Accredited and Reseller and Licensed Teacher since 2010 and as such have permission from the Master to resell as BOGO to our online registered student members!





  • Master Hari writes his Cellular Reprogramming Empowerment is a healing modality that aims to reprogram cellular memory and support personal growth and transformation. It has a powerful energy that connecting you with the body's natural healing ability and promote positive change on a cellular level. The idea behind Cellular Reprogramming Empowerment is that our bodies hold onto negative memories and experiences, which can manifest as physical or emotional imbalances. These imbalances can prevent us from reaching our full potential and can even lead to chronic illness or disease. By reprogramming cellular memory, we can release these negative memories and experiences, and replace them with positive and empowering ones.
  • The Cellular Reprogramming Empowerment involves working with the chakras, which are the body's energy centers. Each chakra is associated with different physical and emotional attributes, and by balancing and aligning them, we can promote healing and transformation. It helps to access and work with the energy of each chakra, identifying any negative memories or experiences that are stored there. Once these negative memories or experiences have been identified, the energy of Cellular Reprogramming Empowerment will release them and replace them with positive and empowering ones.
  • This process can be deeply transformative, and can lead to a greater sense of self-awareness, increased confidence, and a more positive outlook on life. One of the key benefits of Cellular Reprogramming Empowerment is that it is a non-invasive and gentle healing modality. It does not involve any physical manipulation, and can be done in  person or remotely. This makes it an excellent choice for those who are sensitive to touch, or who are looking for a more gentle form of healing.
  • Cellular Reprogramming Empowerment can be used to address a wide range of physical and emotional imbalances, including chronic pain, anxiety, depression, and more. It can also be used to support personal growth and transformation, by helping individuals release negative beliefs and patterns that are holding them back.

You will receive:

Distant attunement service via orb of life and PDF instructional PDF manual delivered electronically


Cellular Reprogramming Empowerment, digital PDF: Release & Replace

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