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Cardea Initiation Attunement: Open what is closed, open doors to the past


Founder:Lisa Ladywolf Center

About this system:

About Cardea:

Spiritually, we call upon this goddess to open doorways. It is a time of purifying, cutting through obstacles, and drawing in Divine power and light to manifest your own power.

Cardea may show you doorways you did not know were present for you. She can aid in soul retrieval as she opens the doors to the past. She may also take you to a place where you are most at peace and teach you how to take advantage of the growth that is offered in the between times of the year, the day, or our own inner cycles. Trust that she will bring you the knowledge that will be for your highest good at this time.

About Goddess Cardea Initiation:

Cardea is known as the Roman goddess of health, thresholds, door hinges and handles. The name comes from cardo which means door pivot. Originally, she was the nymph Carna. She resided in the area now known as Rome. She, like Artemis, was a maiden and perpetual virgin and much sought after by men. When these suitor candidates would make advances towards her she would take them to a cave in the forest. Once they entered she would sneak away. There was one male she was not able to escape in this manner- Janus. He later renamed her as the goddess Cardea.She had the ability to look backwards as well as forwards in time.Cardea is celebrated at Beltane and again in the month of June.. The doorways that opened in May (such as Fairy Realm) these realms remain open throughout the summer. Cardea's lunar cycle is May/June and includes the summer solstice and of course the new moon after but she can be and is regularly invoked all throughout the year. The sixth month of the year is named for the Goddess Juno. June is known as door of the year and a gateway into inner realms. This month was held sacred to all gods and goddesses who preside over love, passion & beauty...


Included is the original pdf manual sent electronically by link and orb of life distant attunement

Cardea Initiation Attunement: Open what is closed, open doors to the past


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