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Body Protector Distance Session, with Informational PDF: Increase Auras Strength



Session Facilitator Rosemary Noel

During this session Rosemary will activate 9 Body Protector systems for you to increase your aura's strength and provide activations to increase your ability to protect yourself from unwanted influences after your session.

These energy systems delivered as activations for you, when properly activated and synergized will provide a great increase of your own natural energy protection, including an enhanced ability to shine your Light or remain concealed in each moment. You can stay at full power throughout your day instead of feeling drained by being around certain people. You will have stronger protection in the inner planes of your being, including inter-dimensionally. In the course of your day, you could encounter entities or clouds of emotions from other people. It will be nice that those things can bounce right off of you instead of sticking to you.

Your personal security, in regards to your energy signature is important. There are ones who do like to do remote viewing and there is no reason they should have any access to you. You lock your doors and pull the curtains at night. So too can you enjoy the enhanced energetic protection this session can provide for you.


These energy systems remain effective for varying lengths of time for each individual. I am positive that this Body Protector session will greatly increase your personal energy security, including the effectiveness of your other spiritual hygiene efforts. It will be easier to stay healthy and complete your daily tasks. Projects, for work and hobby will be easier to achieve.

Personal and professional relationships may be smoother, for the interferences of adverse influences won't stick to you. Each person you relate with will be relating to you, free of confusing energies from the environment and other people. Live life as you want to, not muddling through a cloud of interferences. You deserve to feel healthy and vibrant!


Rosemary provides “call in at your convenience” sessions so that when you “call in” your orb of life chi ball session from activation in your informational it arrives to you easily at a time convenient for you.



Sessions are generally provided within 72 hours begininng the day after you complete your payment. Rosemary's sessions are popular and done in first come first serve basis.  It may take up to 5 days to compile and complete your session.




We do not diagnose, cure, heal or treat any physical, mental, spiritual or emotional condition. You are responsible for how you perceive your session and bear all responsibility for any outcome. Energy works in accord with you, your higher self and soul. No medical claims are made nor suggested, only your soul and God decides on what level your energies are received.

Body Protector Distance Session, with Informational PDF: Increase Auras Strength

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